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Yaesu FT-817 programming with CHIRP

June 24, 2012
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I’ve heard some great things about CHIRP and wanted to program some stuff into my FT-817.  I wasn’t sure if my USB CAT cable would work for programming but it turns out it worked perfectly.  There are a couple things you’ll need to know though.

First, if you’re using Mint or Ubuntu, you’ll probably have to fix your serial port permissions before this will work.  See my previous post for more info.

Second, the version of CHIRP in the Ubuntu Hams PPA was old and doesn’t support the FT-817.  You could update to the most recent release version by building a .deb package yourself.  However I found it easier to just use the CHIRP daily build PPA.  Just look at the very bottom of the page at the previous link for instructions.  The daily build worked fine for me.

One very cool thing you can do is update your FT-817 to use the new 60-meter freqs.  I also put some local repeaters in there along with all the common calling freqs and some digital mode gathering spots in different bands.  After uploading, I tested the memories and everything seemed to be in there just like you’d expect.  CHIRP is a very nice piece of software.

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